Are you ready to grow and heal?

Are you
ready to
grow and heal?

Elonie de Klerk

A little about me

Hi, I’m Elonie. I am a woman, wife to my husband Deon for 15 years and mom of two awesome boys. When I’m not on the chair opposite my client/clients, I enjoy active and quite time with my family and friends – hiking a mountain, working out, camping, dancing, good wine and coffee.

My approach to therapy

As not only a psychologist, but a fellow human as well, I use my training, professional and personal life experience to guide clients to freedom and healing from past traumas.
As a trauma survivor and victor myself, I believe it’s possible to heal from any trauma and that we are all able to live the life we are worthy to live.

It can be daunting seeing a new therapist, therefore the most important factor is that you feel we are a good fit. Once the connection is established, we will work together to establish your best hopes for therapy. I follow an integrative, flexible approach, knowing that not every therapeutic modality works for every individual.

Therapeutic Modalities

Areas of special interest


Complex Trauma

Sexual Trauma

Grief and Loss

Chronic Disease

Relationship Difficulties

Adult ADHD

Background and Qualification

Who are my clients?

Bachelors in Psychology and Psychological Counselling (UNISA)
Honors in Psychology (NWU)
Masters in Counselling Psychology (UJ)

An individual/couple who are willing to admit they are struggling and are willing to work towards growth and healing.

Adolescents, 12 and up, Students
and Adults.
Of any sexual orientation.
Parental guidance.
This can be arranged.

Sonet Smit

Marni Hattingh

A little about me

Hi, I am Sonet. Single mother of teenage twins. I am always on the go. If I am not working, I cook, crochet, embroider and do all sorts of crafty stuff. As a family, we are very involved in sports, some more actively, others as the cheering squad.

Hi, I’m Marni. I love nature, trail running, mountain biking, bodyboarding, reading, playing, being messy and just trying to love the most I can.

My approach to therapy

Life has a way of throwing punches; some even knock us out, at the most unexpected times.
The last eight years of my life were marked by various losses, traumas and challenges. But at the same time, they have been filled with compassion from others, support from unexpected places and people, victories and miracles. I learned how to be vulnerable, how to ask for help, how to allow myself to feel the pain and how to be resilient.
But I couldn’t do it alone. I feel therapy plays an integral part of the process of allowing yourself to feel the full range of emotions, guiding you through them, and integrating experiences, good and bad, into your person.
Therapy and a relationship with your therapist can provide the safe place you need to allow yourself to experience the pain, heal, grow and overcome.

I know that for individuals, parents, adolescents and yes, even children, life can be very difficult at times and we may feel overwhelmed and at wits end. Therapy may sound like a strange and foreign concept for many, but what it is, is a wonderful space for safety, emotional healing and personal growth. I follow a therapeutic approach whereby I meet the client where he/she is at and we start by firstly building a safe and trusting relationship. I utilize a holistic approach where mind/body and soul are intertwined and all form part of the healing journey. Therapy is a wonderful chance to understand all the complexities of the self, grow, breathe and have some fun in between.

Therapeutic Modalities

Rational-Emotive Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

ACT – Acceptance and commitment therapy

Sand Tray Work

Resource Therapy

Ego-state Therapy

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Eye Movement Integration Therapy

Impact Therapy

Play Therapy

Creative Expressive Art Therapy

Tension and Trauma Release Exercises

Areas of special interest

Addiction (Both the addicted, and the people affected by it)
Grief and Loss
Parental guidance during and after divorce

Adjustment problems
Grief and loss
Relational difficulties
Work-related difficulties
Parental guidance
Family intervention

Background and Qualification

Bachelors in Social Science (UFS)
Honours in Psychology (UFS)
Masters in Clinical Psychology (UFS)

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
University of Johannesburg
Honours degree in Theology
Masters Degree in Educational Psychology

Who are my clients?

Age 12 to adult.

Children (from age 5); Adolescents, Students and Young Adults.


Medical Aid Rates apply for all sessions.
An hour session can be 55 to 60 min.
Cash Rate for 2024: R1120
You can claim directly from medical aid or we can do that for you.

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